Maternal Traits


Superb Milk Production

Six Week Calf

Cow with Triplets


Pinzgauer females usually calve easily.  The Pinzgauer Association's continued focus on the careful selection of 'calving ease' sires helps to ensure young heifers have and easy birth and provide a vigorous first calf, in what will be a long and productive breeding life.  In fact longevity of breeding life is the norm with cows still calving at 13-16 years of age. 


Probably the most notable quality of the Pinzgauer as a mother is its superb milk production ability.  Undoubtedly due to their origins as a dual purpose breed Pinzgauer cows are “designed” to produce large quantities of high quality milk.



This abundance of milk production ensures high weaning weights of between 250 and 350 kg.  Even “first calf” Pinzgauers exhibit strong mothering instincts and exceptional milk production.



It is rare to find a Pinzgauer that will not accept a first calf or not have enough milk to raise it properly, no matter what the conditions.  As such Pinzgauer and Pinzgauer cross cattle provide excellent fast growing steers